Blockbuster author Warren Adler is 2015 World’s Best Story celebrity judge

WAR OF THE ROSES.  ‘Nuff said.  It’s been announced that Warren Adler, blockbuster author of War of the Roses, will be this years celebrity judge at The World’s Best Story.  The.  Warren.  Adler.  That’s enough to make even my knees knock.

If you’re not already following this contest, you’re missing out on some great entertainment.    Vincent Salera, the founder of World’s Best Story, has put together an impressive lineup of judges this year.  Warren Adler, Alistair Cross, Samreen Ahsan, Brooke Burgess, Tammara Kennelly, Victor Malarek, and Rhonda Hayter are present.

If I sound like a contest pimp, this is one contest I believe in pimping.

All top 10 finalist stories will be showcased to World’s Best Story licensing partners in nine transmedia categories!

That’s right.  Nine transmedia categories!  You want more?  Here it is:

All  top 10 winners will be represented by WBS Entertainment Co to all World’s Best Story’s trans media partners.
• Print book, e-book, audio book, app, video game, TV, Movie, Merchandise.

And there’s more.  Now pass me my feather boa and walking stick.


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